Newbury Velo FAQs

Answers to some common questions about Newbury Velo.  If you have any further questions don't hesitate in dropping us an email at and we will get back to you as soon as possible.



Newbury Velo is a cycling club for all.  Our intention is to shake up cycling in West Berkshire.  Work with local authorities, national bodies and other regional cycle clubs to influence change for cyclists.  We also want to give cyclists* from all walks of life opportunities to ride their bike, try other types of cycling, improve their cycling and help them meet their cycling goals, whatever that may be.

*noun: a person who rides a bicycle.


Newbury Velo have a vision centered around participation and inclusivity and this is core to our values.  we want to work with partner clubs in West Berkshire to influence the future of cycling as a hobby and as a sport.  Our committee have history and strong links to the cycling industry and intend to use those for the benefit of not just our members but those of our partnering clubs too.

Our vision is to be a Community Cycling Club.

A Community Cycling Club is:

  • A club with a diverse membership (age, gender, race) participating in a wide range of cycling disciplines (sprotive, audaxes, road racing, cyclocross, timetrials, group rides, etc)
  • An open and inclusive club which has multiple entry points for riders of all abilities (club runs, training rides, races, coaching, volunteering)
  • A club that acts to develop riders to achieve their cycling goals (completing their first group ride to winning national medals) through a variety of mechanisms (support, training, mentoring, coaching)
  • A club with a strong social scene off the bike that involves broader members of the cycling and local community
  • A club that has strong community links with non-cycling organisations within the West Berkshire and surrounding areas
  • A club that invests into cycling across the district and region in partnership with others to enable the support to be sustained and grow.

We are looking to offer a full programme of group/social/training rides. The first of these will begin on Sunday 12th January.

We are hooking up with Banjo Cycles to offer rides on Saturday mornings for all abilities, and will be offering a range of rides on a Sunday as well as midweek daytime rides too. As the evenings become lighter (which is rather unimaginable right now, we know), we will also be offering rides from Banjo Cycles on weekday evenings. They'll be a mixture of beginner, steady and chaingang rides - as well as others where you can actively learn about race technique. We are aware that we have a number of female riders who have joined and, whilst strong riders (perhaps from other disciplines), would value more help in riding on the road. We will be aiming to offer rides such as this very soon.

For anyone who prefers the dirt, we'll also be offering some mountain bike rides as well.

Please see our Group Rides page for further details: Newbury Velo Group Rides


We have a number of British Cycling qualified coaching (up to level 3) in the club who will be offering coaching sessions for children and adults. The coaching is geared towards total beginners right the way through to developing race skills.


Pit yourself against the clock! Time trialling is a great way to pit yourself against yourself and see how fast you can go. There is no need for special kit - just turn up and ride with your normal bike (although silly hats and batman-esque bikes will also be welcomed if you are lucky enough to own one). We have a calendar of events throughout 2020, and we'll even be offering prizes - which will be geared towards specific themes on the night.


As Newbury Velo grows, we are hoping to be able to get strong road, track and cyclocross teams competing in local and national leagues and championships. There will be plenty of opportunities to try racing if you've never done it before, and there are plenty of members already signed up who have many centuries-worth of racing knowledge to pass on to those who'd like to know more. Newbury Velo are already hosting the British Masters Cycle Racing Championships in 2020, and we are hoping to promote some league and one-off cyclocross events as well.


Cycling is as much about the socialising as it is about the riding, right? Whether you agree or disagree, we will be organising a number of events throughout the year where you can get to know your fellow members in civvies! Name badges will be provided - we all know how different we look like without our trademark lycra.

We will be hosting a number of "off-bike" events to bring members together and learn new skills.  Some of these are listed below.

Maintenance evenings
We will be organising some nights where you can brush up on your mechanicing skills. From changing a tube to indexing gears, from learning how to clean a bike properly to changing a bottom bracket - it'll all be covered!

Nutrition evenings
Learn about fuelling for training and racing, and also for recovery. Whilst beer is renowned for its isotonic properties, we know that it isn't the best fuel to race on!

Stay tuned for more - Strava leagues, Zwift racing, road racing, interclub time trial leagues - we've got it all. Remember - the world is a more exciting place when you live it in pink!


Aside from being part of a cycling revolution and having access to the benefits already mentioned above, we are also working on a number of additional benefits.

We like to support our local bike businesses, so all Newbury Velo members will get 15% off stock at Banjo Cycles.

Membership cards will also be sent out to members in due course.


That’s the easy part :) 

Click the link below to be taken to our British Cycling Profile.  Choose the appropriate membership option (depending on your age) and pay the membership fee.

Your membership will run until 31st December of the current year unless you pay/renew after 31st October in which case your membership will expire on 31st December of the following year.

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