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Government and our Governing body (British Cycling & Cycling Time Trials (CTT)) restrict club activities that involve more than 6 riders until the 4th July. The CTT have issued guidance for clubs that permit Time Trials to be run after the 5th July should the government make sufficient changes to "mass gatherings" on or before the 4th July. The CTT will make an announcement on this between 4th & 6th July.

Newbury Velo have 2 events planned the first of which is the 6th July at 7pm and at 12th July at 9am. Our plan is to proceed with the planning of these events on the basis that we believe the guidance will change to permit these events.

There will be some specific restrictions:

  • The events will be pre-register only, using Google Forms and we will not accept entries on the night.
  • Riders who have pre-registered and do not race will be entered on the results as DNS. Repeat offenders will not be entered into future events.
  • If we receive a restriction on numbers of participants then the time stamp on the google form will be used to ascertain if riders are able to race and email will be used to communicate to those that were successful/unsuccessful
  • Start list will be emailed 24hrs before the event with their start time and riders are encouraged to not arrive too early or to hang around once race is finished. And riders are encouraged to ride to start
  • Standard payment of £5 to race. Contactless payment taken at the start line, no cash is handled
  • No safety pins or pens will be provided
  • Riders must have a working rear light. You will not be permitted to ride without one
  • Numbers will be collected from a table using a list of assigned names/numbers. Riders to return numbers to a plastic box which is then sealed for transportation
  • There will be no results at start/finish line and they will be published online and participants emailed
  • No pusher offer at start line, riders will need to do their own standing/static start.

The course for the 6th July is H10/3a which is on the B4000 and first rider off at 19:01
The course for the 12th July is H10/1 which is on the A4 (although this may be reviewed) and first rider off at 09:01

Pre-signon for both events is available below (a link at the end of the form will take you to payment):

6th July:
12th July:

If you have already completed the above forms payment can now be submitted at the links below, please use the same email address used when completing the above forms so we can match registration with payment):

6th July payment:
12th July payment:

Pre-registration will close 48hrs before the event. Newcomers to time trialling are welcome on whatever bike they have. Remember, for the top racers they are trying to win, for the rest of us, we are just trying to beat the clock (our last attempt on the course). You don't need a time trial bike or all the gear. Just a working bike (and working rear light) and a helmet.